Trade Show Magician
Bob Garner

Trade Show Magician, Trade Show Mind Reader, Trade Show Mentalist
They all mean one thing... Bob Garner!

You really need to see Bob in action to appreciate how he is able to draw crowds, deliver your information and help you generate a higher ROI from your trade show investment.

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Whether he is at a trade show podium, delivering a theatre style presentation or acting as hospitality suite entertainment, Bob Garner is a trade show magician  , trade show mentalist  and corporate magician who delivers excitement, energy, and fun!

If you're looking for trade show magicians or trade show mentalists that can gather crowds, deliver your specific message, increase your trade show ROI and create a BUZZ about your booth throughout the floor, then you want Bob Garner. As a corporate trade show presenter, Bob does more than just stand in your booth and talk. He is an engaging trade show presenter that is also entertaining. That's why he is considered to be one of the leading corporate trade show presenters in the business.

Featured in the "Wall Street Journal" and other prestigious publications as THE solution for gaining more ROI from a trade show
, Bob Garner travels the world on behalf of his Fortune 1000 corporation and leading association clients helping his clients not only achieve a higher ROI, but also create a huge "buzz" about their booth through the show floor.

When looking for a magician for your trade show booth, it can be "tricky" finding the right corporate magician. That's why Bob recently wrote an article on that subject which appeared in called, "8 Tips for Choosing a Trade Show Magician to Enhance Your ROI ." Bob adheres to all those "tips" and that's why he is in such high demand. It's been proven that a using a magician in your trade show exhibit is one of the top key solutions for improving ROI for your booth.

As a trade show magician , trade show mentalist, and trade show mind reader , Bob Garner works with a variety of clients in numerous industries from high-tech to medical, from gas and oil to paint and automotive, from food and restaurants to banking and insurance - and more. In fact, many of his clients have repeatedly booked Bob to appear at their trade shows and events for over 20 years. Why? Because trade show magician Bob Garner knows how to attract a crowd of potential customers to your booth.

Bob Garner works with you to craft a presentation that delivers the sales and marketing information that you want attendees to hear. He delivers an informative, yet fun presentation.

trade show mind reader    At the show, he reinforces that information with unbelievable mindreading,
   skillful sleight-of-hand magic, clean humor, and audience participation.
As a 
    trade show mentalist and mind reader, Bob provides unique demonstrations of ESP
and mind reading along with your important sales and marketing messages.

   He uses a unique qualifying process which enables him to separate the
   qualified attendees from the unqualified.

   Bob Garner then moves the qualified attendees into your booth, for further
   interaction with your sales reps and experts.

   On a platform with an exhibit full of seats or located in a corner of your
   booth - whether you need a highly technical presentation with audio visual
   or a highly-interactive presentation that delivers simple sales and marketing 
   messages, trade show presenter
Bob Garner delivers increased attention,
   excitement and leads to your exhibit.

On Bob's official site, there is more detailed information - - as well as real client testimonials, and video demos.

You can contact Bob directly at 805-534-1576.

Once you see him, you'll never forget him!

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